Baloo was rescued on 30th September 2019
Baloo, a 3-4 weeks old male seal pup, was rescued from Crackington Haven on 30th September 2019 by Paul, Sharon and Michelle, members of the British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) Medics and relayed to Gweek.

This 17kgs moulted pup was found covered in multiple bite wounds and flies hanging around him. The Medics were welcomed with a face of exhaustion and sunken eyes but a body that just had enough reserves to still fight his rescuers.

Photo credit : BDMLR
Baloo Update - 13th October 2019 : Baloo has been moved down to the outside nursery pool number 3 for his next stage of rehabilitation. He currently weighs 20kgs.

His flipper tag ID number is SL106 (yellow).

This photo was taken on 11th October 2019, click here to see a larger version.
Update - 25th November 2019 : Baloo is still in nursery pool number 3 and currently weighs 28kgs.

This photo was taken on 22nd November 2019, click here to see a larger version.

Update - 5th December 2019 : Baloo has completed his rehabilitation and was released back into the wild on 2nd December 2019 at Porthtowan along with other rescued pups, Bridget Jones, Smee, Pong, Mowgli and Arwen.
Baloo Update - 5th January 2020 : Baloo has appeared on Irish shores on 30th December 2019 in Ballinoulart, Co. Wexford looking skinny and tired but with a bright yellow adornment on his back flipper.

His finder Ronan messaged the Irish Seal Rescue Centre a photo and they sent a volunteer Ericka out to take a look but in the meantime the wee guy had taken a dip and headed out to sea. Click on this link to read more.

Photo credit : Seal Rescue Ireland