HOBSON was rescued on 13th December 2005

Hobson, a rescued grey seal pup.  Photo was taken on 30th December 2005 in the main hospitalHobson was rescued from Crantoch beach on the 13th of December 2005, he weighed 16.5kg and was approxiately 9 weeks old. Hobson was given an initial assessment and was found to have minor wounds with an infection in his jaw.

Hobson will have an x-ray to confirm if he has a broken jaw, but at the moment it looks unlikely. He is being treatment with antibiotics, pain relief, multi-vitamins and irons.
Update: 30th December 2005 - Hobson underwent an operation last week to remove two rotten teeth. The operation went well and Hobson recovered quick enough to eat for himself the following day. His mouth is being kept clean after every feed with saline and antiseptic mouth spray.
Update: 5th April 2006 - On 5th of April 2006, Hobson along with Tusker, Amber and Josh, were loaded into the trailer and taken by the animal care team down to Gwithian for their release back into the wild. Unfortunately due to the amount of people on the beach, this release was not as successful as the one earlier that day at Church Cove. All four seals came out of the trailer saw the large amount of people on the beach and dived back under the land rover. After some coxing they finally came out from under the landover and headed out to sea. Hobson is wearing hat tag H5.
Photo of Hobson - Copyright of Simon Bone - www.cornishseals.co.uk
Update: 26th April 2006 - Hobson was spotted on 20th of April 2006 in one of the local coves along the north coast of Cornwall. This photo was taken by Simon Bone, to see more of his photographs, go to www.Cornishseals.co.uk Hobson in the wild, photo copyright of Simon Bone - www.cornishseals.co.uk