Hedwig was rescued on 21st October 2009
The Sanctuary received a call on Wednesday morning (21st October 2009) from a lady who had come across a pup on the beach at Poldhu near Mullion. The pup was above the high tide line and next to a set of steps that lead down to the beach.

Tamara and Jenna, members of the animal care team, headed out and found the pup, who was estimated to be around 2 weeks old and quite round. Due to the pups location and other reports it had been moved, the decision was made to bring the pup back to the Sanctuary.
At the Sanctuary the pup was weighed and was 38 kilos, but with no other injuries, he was put into isolation pen number 2. The pup is a little boy and has been named Hedwig.    As you can see from his photo above, Hedwig is sleepy and getting some well earned rest.
Hedwig Update: 8th November 2009 - This photo of Hedwig was taken on 6th November 2009 in the outside nursery pool.    Click here to see further photos.

Hedwig's flipper tag number is 06 (light blue), he has started chasing the fish in the pool, but just needs to be a little bit quicker.
Update: 20th November 2009 - Hedwig is in nursery pool 2 along with Hufflepuff and Buckbeak. Unfortunately Hedwig is still playing more with the fish then eating it.

Update: 2nd January 2010 - Hedwig along with Dudley were released back into the wild on 21st December 2009. On a very cold morning these two pups were loaded up and taken to Church Cove a short journey from the Sanctuary. As usual the pups seeing a big wide open seas were out of the trailer and in to the water.
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