Harry was rescued on 9th October 2009
On Friday 9th October 2009, the sanctuary received a phone call from a member of the public about another white coat seal pup at Portreath.

Clare, a member of our Animal Care Team, headed out to the location with cage and rescue kit. While Clare was on route to the pup, the BDMLR were also on their way and arrived on the beach and picked the pup up. Clare was met at the local B&Q store where she could give the pup vital fluids before the journey back to the Sanctuary.
Harry - Photo copyright of Sue Sayer of the Cornwall Seal Group
Harry Back at Gweek the pup was weighed and found to be 15 kilos and around two days old, this pup had been abandoned by its mother, and a small graze to its chin. The wounds were cleaned and treated and a course of antibiotics to clear up any infection.

This pup is a little boy and has been named Harry, continuing our theme of Harry Potter characters.
Update: 24th October 2009 - Harry is slowly putting on weight put needs a few more kilos before we can add water to his pen. Harry looking for food
Harry Update: 8th November 2009 - Sometimes even with all the best care in the world by our team we are unable to save all the pups. This week we are very sad to report that on Tuesday 3rd November 2009 Harry quietly passed away. The team had been working hard to get Harry to put on weight over the past few weeks, and over the last week had made great progress and had even managed to start to feed himself.

Unfortunately Harry was still losing weight and a second course of worm treatment was given as this may have been the problem.
But despites everybody on the team working around the clock for little Harry, he was unable to absorb the food, and so he quietly passed away. For the many visitors both to the Sanctuary and the website, who have been following this little pups story, it does come as sad news, but there are also many other pups that do make a full recovery and will once again enjoy the freedom of the open seas after release.