E Minor Extracts from ´E´ Minor´s diary whilst he was staying at the Seal Sanctuary from August 2006 to 7th March 2007.

Photo right - ´E´ Minor´s mum Edgley sitting on her rock at feeding time at the SEA LIFE Park in Weymouth.   Click here to read ´E´ Minor´s press release.
Edgley, 'E' Minor's mum
25th August 2006 - ´E´ Minor is a little Common seal pup that was born at the Weymouth SEA LIFE Park two months ago. Unfortunately he has had a few problems learning to feed, so the expert help of the Sanctuary´s Animal Care Team is needed. He will be here for a few weeks until he can feed for himself before going back to Weymouth. ´E´ Minor was given fluid for the first 48 hours and was given a fish head on Friday which he gobbled straight down. He is a very cute seal and will be in the main hospital for the next few weeks.

1st September 2006 - ´E´ Minor is doing well and has now progressed to eating half a fish, hopefully he will move on to whole fish later in week. He is also a complete water baby and hates it when we drain and clean his pen, so much so, that the he sits in the bucket of water we leave in his pen and waits until we have refilled the pool.
8th September 2006 - Flotsam and Jetsam, our common seals, had a guest arrive this week in their enclosure. The pup in the hospital ´E´ Minor was moved down into the pool with them.

Flotsam and Jetsam are stealing ´E´ Minor´s fish so the Animal Care Team are feeding him separately while the boys are doing their training.
E Minor riding along on the back of our resident Fotsam and Jetsam
15th September 2006 - Flotsam and Jetsam have now been joined by the common seal pup from Weymouth ´E´ Minor who was a little taken back by such big seals, and Flotsam and Jetsam wondered what that tiny thing was in their pool. After a few days everyone settled in together.

30th September 2006 - Although ´E´ Minor looks so sweet, he has been chasing sea gulls this week and is always first in line at the gate for feeding. He still enjoys riding along on Jetsam and Flotsam´s backs up and down the pool.

13th October 2006 - Ed got a little confused at one feeding time when he thought Abi hand was a fish, but Ed is very smart. He went to grab the hand stopped looked oddly at it realised what it was and waited patiently for his fish.
27th October 2006 - Our common seals have had all their feed reduced as Jetsam and especially Little Ed are looking particularly rounded, partly as Flotsam is not hungry and just playing with his fish – mainly dropping them in the water for Little Ed.

17th November 2006 - Flotsam, Jetsam and Little Ed have all gone off the sardine this week especially Little Ed. The reason for this is that in the week Little Ed went overboard on the fish, after Flotsam and Jetsam did not want dinner, Little Ed gobbled them all up, which made him sick, but he is all recovered now.
E Minor
22nd December 2006 - Flotsam, Jetsam and Little Ed are all still looking very round plus all are still hungry (not sure where they are putting it!). This week the commons have been fed by our volunteers. So now Flot, Jet and Ed think that they get fed by people wearing green plus any other colour, and have been slightly confused, when our visitors walk by their enclosure and don´t feed them.

26th January 2007 - Jetsam has been help Little Ed and Flotsam out with their new year´s diet by eating all the fish. Unfortunately this means that Jetsam is as big as a house, and will be joining the other two on their diets.
7th March 2007 - Ed was caged up for his return to Weymouth Sea Life Park. Little Ed was here at the Sanctuary temporally, as it had a few problems feeding for himself. Ed was a little unhappy being loaded into the cage, but settled down once we were on our way. We arrived at Weymouth, and took Little Ed to the Common seal pool. Ed was a little hesitant to go in, but once his flippers touched the water, nothing would stop him. He was a little scared at first by after five minutes, he was playing happily, with the other pups, and love the sunken boat. Little Ed
August 2018 - Ed was moved to SEA LIFE Scarborough to be with his dad, Bubbles, a few years after being at Weymouth SEA LIFE Park. Ed loves living with the other males in his pool as he enjoys play fighting with them.

During training he always shows off in front of the older seals. Click here to see a larger version of this photo of Ed taken on 24th August 2018.
Ed at Scarborough Sea Life - 24th August 2018
Ed loves his food and is always first in the queue at feeding times. He has a very mischievous personality and likes to splash members of the SEA LIFE team whilst they are doing their daily talk and feeding demonstrations! He loves to blow bubbles in the water - a trick him and his brother Herbie have learnt from their dad.