DOOM BAR - Rescued on 6th December 2005

Doom Bar, rescued grey seal pup. Photo was taken on 30th December 2005 in the hospitalOn Tuesday 6th of December 2005, Doom Bar was rescued by the BDMLR from Porthgwarra weighing 21.5kg and approxiately 3-4 weeks old. On initial assessment, Doom was found to have a swollen right rear flipper and puncture wounds to his body.
Doom is getting stronger everyday. He has lost weight but this is to be expected with any pup that comes in to the hospital.
Update: 30th December 2005
Doom went into the vets last week as his flipper wound was not healing properly. After a series of x-rays it was found that two of his toes were fractured and would require amputation. After the operation, Doom made a quick recovery and is now feeding well, the surgical wound is healing well.
Update: Photo was taken of Doom on 26th of February 2006 in the convalescence pool.
Doom´s flipper (light green) tag number is 19.
Photo of Doom was taken on 26th of February 2006 in the convalescence pool.  Doom's flipper (light green) tag number is 19
Update: 19th May 2006
The Sanctuary is very sad to have to report the sudden and unexpected death of Doom Bar, one of our rehabilitating seal pups. Doom was recently diagnosed with significant dental problems requiring surgical intervention, as a result of the subsequent veterinary procedure, Doom failed to regain consciousness from anaesthesia. The Sanctuary is awaiting a full post mortem report, and regrets this conclusion for what was a brave seal.