Darwin arrived on 26th July 2006

A grey seal pup that had wandered more than 1,000 miles has returned from Portugal. Washed up on a Portuguese beach last winter, eight month old seal pup Darwin had been cared for at the Zoomarine Sea Mammal Centre in the Algarve.

Now back in tip top condition, he arrived here on 26th of July 2006, into the care of our Sanctuary curator Dr Glenn Boyle and the entire Animal Care Team. Darwin´s very first challenge was mixing with the other seal pups here at the Sanctuary and learning how to compete for food.

Darwin will spend a few more weeks building up strength and stamina here at the Sanctuary before being released to rejoin one of the grey seal colonies around the Cornish coast.
Release Update: 15th September 2006 - Darwin, along with Fawn and Bogart, were finally released back into wild on 13th of September 2006 at Port Gaverne near Port Issac in north Cornwall. Bogart was first out of the trailer closely followed by Darwin. Fawn took a little bit more persuading but finally headed out and down the beach.

Darwin´s flipper (light green) tag number is 50.
This photo of Darwin was taken by Rachael Vine
Release Update: 12th November 2006 - Darwin was spotted at a local haul-out this weekend by Sue Sayer
(Sue identifies and monitors local seals for the Cornwall Seal Group).
This photo of Darwin was taken by Sue Sayer of the Cornwall Seal Group.