Dad and Daughter at Sanctuary - 28th October 2004
A resident female grey seal from Whipsnade Animal Park has been given a permanent home at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary at Gweek.

Snoopy (photo right) had been a resident at Whipsnade for the last 22 years, where she had shared her enclosure with a common seal. Earlier that year her companion passed away, and the Park, concerned about Snoopy´s future got in contact with the Sanctuary´s Curator, Dr. Glenn Boyle to find out if there was room for Snoopy.
The answer was "yes" and arrangements were put in place for her journey to Cornwall. A Medical history sent to Dr Boyle revealed that Snoopy was born at Edinburgh Zoo in 1981, which immediately set Dr. Boyle thinking about an existing seal at the Sanctuary.
Magnus Magnus (photo left), an adult male grey seal, was in 1990 the first seal to be re-homed at the Sanctuary from Edinburgh. Founder Ken Jones was contacted by the media to prevent Magnus being euthanased, after the death of his partner in Scotland.

As both Snoopy and Magnus had been at Edinburgh at the same time, Dr Boyle wondered if there was a small chance that Snoopy and Magnus were related. So the sanctuary contacted Edinburgh Zoo, and subsequent research confirmed that Snoopy was the daughter of Magnus!
"This news has definitely surprised all the staff at the Sanctuary, as we were originally told Magnus was the laziest seal at Edinburgh Zoo." said Glenn

Snoopy has safely made the journey from Whipsnade and spent a few days in a nursery pool before joining her dad and the other residents in the convalescent pool.