CARROT - Rescued on 6th of January 2006

Carrot, a rescued grey seal pup. Photo was taken on 26th of February 2006 in the convalescence pool Carrot was rescued on 6th of January 2006 from Bude and taken to the RSPCA, he was about 6 weeks old with various wounds.
Carrot arrived on 13th of February 2006 from RSPCA West Hatch after receiving a clear bill of health. He has settled in quickly and is feeding well. He will be staying at the sanctuary until he reaches 40 kilos and then will be released with the other pups. Carrot´s flipper (light green) tag number is 44.
Update: 5th April 2006 - Carrot, along with Ouija, Humbug and Scrumpy, were released back into the wild at Church Cove on 5th of April 2006. All four seals came out of the trailer and headed straight down the beach and into the water.