Adult Fur SealThe sanctuary had four Fur Seal visitors in 1999.
They were Cape Fur Seals, three from Coombe Martin Wildlife Park (Andy, Mandy, and Princess), and as the adult female turned out to be pregnant, one born at our Sanctuary (Chaff). These were temporary basis at the sanctuary, whilst their pool was being redone.
Adult Fur Seal
Princess Fur Seal PupPrincess, the Cape Fur Seal pup, was in the hospital while she put on some weight. She was then put in one of the Nursery pools with her Dad, while mum looked after the new pup.Princess Fur Seal Pup
Mother and pupThese were the first pictures of the new pup.

Mother, baby (Chaff), Andy and Princess have now moved into their new pool at Coombe Martin Wildlife Park.
new Fur seal pup called Chaff