Buckbeak was rescued on 16th October 2009
Buckbeak was rescued on 16th October 2009 from Godrevy by members of the BDMLR and rapidly transferred to the seal sanctuary.

Upon arrival he was put into one of the isolation pens in the hospital, the animal care team carried out a clinical assessment and the pup was found to weigh 29 kilos approximately 2 weeks old.

The pup had a large wound to left hand side of his face, possibly attacked by an adult male seal. Buckbeak was put on fish soup with a course of antibiotics, pain relief, multi-vitamins and iron tablets.
Buckbeak Update: 24th October 2009 - Buckbeak has had surgery to remove the flap of skin on his face and clean it up. He has now been moved into main hospital pen number 2 and to help with his face to heal we have put water in his pen. Buckbeak enjoys his swimming.

Update: 8th November 2009 - This photo of Buckbeak was taken on 6th November 2009 in the outside nursery pool, he is starting to chase the fish in the water. Buckbeak's flipper tag number is 04 (light blue).     Click here to see further photos.

Update: 20th November 2009 - Buckbeak is in nursery pool 2 along with Hufflepuff and Hedwig. Buckbeak’s face has nearly healed and you would not even know that the pup had a large wound to the side of his face.

Update: 2nd January 2010 - Buckbeak now weighs 44.5 kilos.
Seal Release on 11th February 2010 Update: 1st March 2010 - Buckbeak along with Dobby, Hufflepuff and Luna were released back into the wild on 11th February 2010 at Gwithian.

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