BRIANNOCK - Rescued 8th May 2005
Briannock - Photo was taken by Dan JarvisCompletely out of the normal pupping season, this 2 day old grey seal pup was found on Trevaunance Cove, St Agnes on Sunday the 8th of May 2005. Being a beautiful sunny day, the beach was busy with people so the sanctuary called for the assistance of British Divers Marine Mammal Medics (BDMLR) who monitored her for 6 hours and tried to keep people and dogs away.
Unfortunately, the task became impossible and with no sign of the pups mother returning they had no choice but to bring her back to the sanctuary. Once back at the sanctuary, Briannock was weighed (13.5kg) and checked over and given a precautionary course of antibiotics. Briannock - Photo was taken by Dan Jarvis
Briannock - Photo was taken by Dan JarvisAs grey seal pups do not take to humans acting as their mother it is unlikely that Briannock would bottle feed, so she is now being tube fed a milk substitute every 4 hours. The milk is very fatty and will ensure that Briannock will start putting on weight. She is already maintaining her weight and she is very bright and very vocal when feeding time draws close!
Update: 21st November 2005 - Briannock, wearing hat tag number 57, along with April, wearing hat tag number 58, were released back into the wild at Porthtowan on 14th of November 2005. Both went without a backward glance.