Born in 1990 and passed away in 2022

Species : Shetland Pony

Favourite Food : Grass, Pony Nuts and Carrots

Liked : Eating, eating and eating

Amazing Fact : Bracken grows a double dense winter coat during the winter months which kept him very warm and toastier

Bracken was the only male pony at the Sanctuary. Found abandoned in Camborne in 1995 he was brought to the sanctuary, severely malnourished and turned up feet like Genie´s Slippers.   Aged approximately 28, he is also the smallest being a Shetland Pony.

Shetlands originated in the Shetland Isles located on North East of Scotland. Small horses have been kept there since the Bronze Age.

The harsh climate and scarce food has developed the ponies into extremely hardy animals.

They flourish on the poorest grass. Strongest of all horse and pony breeds, it can pull twice its own weight and is capable of carrying 9st (59kg). They are now used as riding ponies for children due to their gentle nature, although they are noted for being "a little bit Cheeky".

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