BOB - Rescued on 22nd November 2005

Around 9 am on Tuesday 22nd of November 2005, the Sanctuary received a phone call about a pup on the beach at Carbis Bay. The pup was reported to be ok, but the tide was on the way out. We asked a member of the public if they could observe it for an hour, and call us back with an update. Twenty minutes later they phoned to say activity on the beach had increased e.g. people with dogs and walkers, and the pup was now looking very lethargic and very quiet. Claire, Rachael and one of our volunteers, loaded the cage and rescue gear and headed out to Carbis Bay.
Bob - photo was taken by Rachael VineAt Carbis Bay we found the pup to be active but very thin, and very friendly towards humans. We took its temperature and found it to be below normal, he was also very thin (as you can see in the picture he has rolls of skin and is very thin. Pups should normally be more of a lemon shape at this age. He is about 3-4 weeks old). Claire gave him fluids on the beach, and called the Sanctuary. After speaking to Tamara, it was decided that this pup was brought back to the Sanctuary.

The pup was weighed and found to be 12.5 kg (this is below birth weight normally 14 kg) he should normally be around 18 - 20 kg.

´Bob´ as he is now called (after ´Old Bob´ beer and Claire´s dad who is also tiny and grey - Sorry Dad, Claire) will hopefully not be at the Sanctuary long as he just needs feeding up.

The Seal Sanctuary would like to thank everybody involved with the rescue of Bob.
Update: 30th December 2005 - After receiving a clean bill of health, Bob has been moved into nursery 1 along with Pumpkin, Slip, Scrumpy, Skiff and Quinn who have all been moved to the nursery pools from the hospital.
Photo of Bob was taken on 26th of February 2006 in one of the nursery pools.  Bob's flipper (light green) tag number is 013Update: 1st March 2006 - Photo was taken of Bob on 26th of February 2006 in one of the nursery pools.

His flipper´s (light green) tag number is 13.
Photo of Bob was taken on 26th of February 2006 underwater in one of the nursery pools.  Bob's flipper (light green) tag number is 013
Update: 7th March 2006 - Bob (wearing hat tag H2) along with Quinn (wearing hat tag number 05), Blonde (wearing hat tag H3) and Guinness (wearing hat tag ID where released back into the wild on Tuesday the 7th of March 2006. All four seals were loaded up in the morning. All were keen to get in to the cage and get in to the trailer, to start the journey to Port Gaverne. The rain which had started early in the morning showed no sign of easing up, and the seals seemed unaffected by the wet weather. On arriving at Port Gaverne, all four seals were keen to get in to the water and start their adventure. Guinness and Quinn were out the trailer and straight in to the water, Bob and Blonde were not so keen. Bob and Blonde found that playing in the shallows was much exciting then exploring the wide open seas. After a while these two realised that their pool was a lot bigger and headed out to deeper water.
Seals coming out of the trailer - Photo was taken by Rachael VineQuinn wearing hat tag number 05 - Photo was taken by Rachael VineBlonde wearing hat tag H3 - Photo was taken by Rachael Vine
Seals leaving the trailer Quinn Blonde