BESS - Rescued on 4th December 2005

Bess, rescued grey seal pup. Photo was taken on 30th December 2005 in the nursery poolOn Saturday the 3rd of December 2005 the Sanctuary received a phone call from a member of the public in Padstow to say they had found a baby seal on the beach. As the weather had been rough the pervious evening, and the pup showed no sign of injury the Animal Care Team decided to monitor her for 24 hours. On Sunday 4th of December the Sanctuary was called with an update on the pup.
It was still on the beach and had not moved from the Saturday night. Marianne jumped in the land rover with the pup rescue gear and headed for Padstow. Upon arrival Bess was given fluids and her temperature was taken before being put in to a cage for the trip back to the Sanctuary.

Bess was put into an isolation pen, her clinical assessment revealed that that she was around 4 weeks old and weighed 12 kg, meaning she was malnourished, she also had puncture wounds to her body.

Bess spent a week in isolation before being moved in to the temporary pen. It was noticed that Bess had a swollen back end; this was due to the antibiotics so the Animal Care Team changed the medication. Bess has now recovered.

Bess loves being in the temporary pen, as she can keep her eye on the Animal Care Team. By stretching out her long neck up over the side watching them, as they go about their business in the hospital.
Update: Photo was taken of Bess on 20th of May 2006 in the convalescence pool.
Bess's flipper (light green) tag number is 16.
Photo was taken of Bess on 20th of May 2006 in the convalescence pool. Bess's flipper (light green) tag number is 16.
Update: 1st July 2006
Bess along with Wilson (wearing hat tag ID J2), Speckle and Storm (wearing hat tag ID C4) were all released back into the wild at Porthtowan on Wednesday morning (28th June 2006) at 7am. The Animal Care Team had hat tagged three of the seals but Bess´s hat fell off in the nursery pool, so she just went out with glue on her head. All the seals went off OK, with a little bit of hesitation, and started to head off in wrong direction before realising the sea was in the other direction, and went straight for it. Two of them spent sometime surfing in on the waves. Five minutes after they went, a pod of eight bottlenose dolphins turned up to meet them. To see more photos of the release, click on the following link to take you to Karl Wheston´s website
Photo of Bess was taken by Rachael Vine