Atlanta - Resident Grey Seal
ATLANTA (or "Attie"), a female grey seal, was rescued from a beach in the Scottish highlands and taken to the Highland Wildlife Hospital at Ullapool where Beatrice Brinkler succeeded in restoring the seal´s general health.

Unfortuately, Atlanta had badly damaged eyes, probably pecked by birds, and Beatrice realised that there was little she could do to restore the seals sight, so she called the Scottish SEA LIFE Sanctuary for help.
Atlanta, a rescued pup
Atlanta was moved to the Scottish SEA LIFE Sanctuary and Sue Thornton, from the Bristol-based International Zoo Veterinary Group, was called to examine the seal. Sue confirmed that Atlanta must have had a serious eye infection, which has now cleared up, unfortunately leaving her blind.   For the next few months, Atlanta stayed as a guest at the Scottish SEA LIFE Sanctuary, so her condition could be monitored.
Atlanta, starting her journey At the end of September 2002, as there was no improvement in Atlanta´s eyes, a decision was made to her move down to Cornwall.

Atlanta finally left Oban on the 13th of October 2002. The Curator for Marine Mammals, Mark, based at the Scottish SEA LIFE Sanctuary, drove her to Cornwall.

It was a long journey, hampered slightly by high winds in the latter stages, but Atlanta took this in her stride.
Despite her blindness, she has always been a calm seal and seems to trust the Animal Care Team´s actions. She has now settled in at the Seal Sanctuary, making new friends and winning the hearts of both visitors and staff.
During May 2003, Atlanta had blood samples taken as the Animal Care Team had observed that she was losing her fur and had not moulted properly.

Due to abnormal hormone levels in her blood, "Attie" is now being treated in the same way as Ray and Marlin.
Atlanta The enrichment device, the bubble curtain, was placed into her enclosure to provide her with a tactile device that would hopefully give her something to play with. Unfortunately she has paid no interest in the bubbles.

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Attie loves the wonderful Animal Care Team because they celebrate her birthday in style with this fantastic colourful fish cake!

Attie is a big fan of her alone time and lets everyone know when to leave her alone by slapping her belly!   She does, however, loves her poolmate Sheba and holds on to her back with her flipper before each feed, not breaking contact until the team go in with the fish - sometimes she even starts excitedly tapping Sheba on the back in anticipation.
Happy  22nd Birthday Atlanta
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Each sponsorship makes a valuable contribution to the seal rescue programme, allowing the Sanctuary to provide continuing care for those seals and other marine mammals around our coasts that need our help and to look after those that are unable to be released back into the wild.
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