AMBER - Rescued on 7th January 2006

Photo of Amber was taken by one of our volunteers - Chris FryattAmber was rescued from St Agnes on the 7th of January 2006. She is around 6 weeks old and weighed 16.5 kilos. She had some minor wounds to body, malnourished and a snotty nose.

Amber is in isolation and will stay there at least for the next ten days.
Update: 5th April 2006 - On 5th of April 2006, Amber along with Hobson, Tusker and Josh, were loaded into the trailer and taken by the animal care team down to Gwithian for their release back into the wild. Unfortunately due to the amount of people on the beach, this release was not as successful as the one at Church Cove earlier that day. All four seals came out of the trailer saw the large amount of people on the beach and dived back under the land rover. After some coxing they finally came out from under the land rover and headed out to sea. Amber is wearing hat tag H9.
Photo of Amber - Copyright of Simon Bone -