Where's Wally?
If you know someone who is a Wally, then the Seal Sanctuary needs you to apply now!

The National Seal Sanctuary are looking for people to nominate their friends and family to become a Wally for the day over the October half term!

The Sanctuary's mascot is Wally Walrus - a very loveable furry character! The Sanctuary is looking for a volunteer to show off their talent of being a Wally in the upcoming half term.

"We know how much the families who visit our attraction love Wally and we feel that its time to showcase some extraordinary talent!" said the Sanctuary's Laura Ward.
Where's Wally?
Anyone wishing to nominate themselves or a friend/family member should do so by emailing the Sanctuary via their website and describing in no more than 50 words why they would become the greatest Wally!

"Anyone with a special talent in entertaining, a flare for making people smile or a rare gift should apply now! Maybe we could have the first unicycling Wally!" added Laura.

The winner will get the chance to help the Sanctuary staff in being Wally for the day, greeting the customers and will get to showcase what they can do in their own little Wally Walrus area.

The winner will also receive a free entry pass to the Sanctuary for a whole year.

Any age may apply! The winner will always have the helping hand of a member of staff with them at all times when being Wally.
Press Release issued by: The National Seal Sanctuary
For more details, please contact Laura Ward on 01326 221361
Date: 28th August 2009

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