Otterly Exciting
Starsky and Hutch, two Asian Short clawed Otters have enjoyed a birthday treat at the National Seal Sanctuary this week.

The resident brothers turned four on Thursday and the team at the Sanctuary helped them celebrate by creating special birthday 'cakes' and 'jelly buns'.

The jelly buns included exciting treats of peanuts, grapes, strawberries and mealworms. The tasty cakes consisted of mince beef as the sponge, crushed fish as icing and carrot sticks as candles.
Otterly Exciting
"We wanted to give the boys something they'd really enjoy for their birthday as it's the first they've had since becoming part of the family here. Knowing how much they love their food, we thought that had to be the best present!" said Jenna Blacow, animal care team assistant at the Sanctuary.

"I created special cakes for them that I thought they would like. They walked up to it looking sceptical at first, and then took one sniff and devoured the lot!" added Jenna.

The otters joined the Sanctuary in January from Portsmouth Aquarium, to keep their resident otter, Thai, company after her brother sadly passed away. Thai has recently left the Sanctuary to become part of a breeding programme, after showing strong signs that she wished to procreate.

"They had a great day and really seemed to enjoy it!" said Jenna.

To visit Starsky and Hutch, the Sanctuary is open from 10am.
Press Release issued by: The National Seal Sanctuary
For more details, please contact Jenna Blacow or Laura Ward on 01326 221361
Date: 23rd July 2009

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