2003 - 2004 Rescues

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The National Seal Sanctuary has taken in its first seal pup of the winter season, we were called by the staff at the Minack Theatre who had been alerted to the injured pup by a visiting family. He was extremely malnourished, weighing only 13 kilos and with some nasty injuries to his back flippers... More>>
Spruce was rescued from Porthmeor beach, St Ives on 3rd of November 2003. He was a healthy looking white coat of approximately one week old with no obvious injuries or ailments. Volunteers from the British Divers Marine Life Rescue had been monitoring Spruce for over 24 hours... More>>
Willow was rescued by the RSPCA from Porthcurno on 5th of November 2003. She was extremely malnourished and lethargic and weighed just 13 kilos. She was suffering from a respiratory infection and several nasty bite wounds... More>>
Ash was rescued on 16th November 2003 from Downderry, Nr Looe by the RSPCA. He was reported to be malnourished and to have a head injury which luckily was not as serious as it first appeared. His wounds were cleaned and antibiotics were administered and he was given fluid... More>>
Bramble was found in Porthmeor in St Ives by the RSPCA on the 25th of November 2003. They rushed him over to the seal sanctuary hospital. Upon arrival it was clear that Bramble was very malnourished and had a collection of nasty wounds on his rear flippers... More>>
Neil arrived late at night on the 27th of November 2003. He had been spotted next to a car park in Penzance along the Boardwalk. The people that phoned informed us that he was in an area of high disturbance and very close to the road. When we arrived Neil appeared lethargic and malnourished... More>>
Pauline arrived at the sanctuary on the 2nd of December 2003. She was rescued from Porth Helstock where she was found laying behind some boats. She came to us malnourished and wounded on both her sides. With a grey coat, she had been weaned off her mother´s milk and was having difficulty... More>>
On the evening of 9th December 2003, Jo and Marianne rescued Ragwort from Porthmeor Beach, St Ives, with the help of volunteers from British Divers Marine Life Rescue. He arrived at the hospital with large wounds on both the front and rear... More>>
Sage was rescued by the Animal Care Team on 17th December 2003 from Newlyn harbour. He was lying beside a boat, being watched over by two friendly fishermen. Sage’s main problem was a huge wound around his neck believed to be from fishing net. In addition, Sage had another nasty... More>>
Venetia was rescued by the British Divers Marine Life Rescue at Porthmeor Beach, St. Ives, just before Christmas 2003. At 6-8 weeks of age, she was malnourished and had several small wounds to her body and a badly swollen left rear flipper... More>>
On Tuesday 23rd December 2003, British Divers Marine Life Rescue volunteers were called out to assist in the rescue of a Grey Seal pup at Porthmeor, St. Ives. It had first been seen, alone, at about 2.30pm in a rocky area... More>>
Frodo was rescued on 7th of January 2004 from Guernsey, she was approximately 6 weeks old and weighed 16kg. When Frodo arrived at the sanctuary, she was malnourished with no major wounds but coughing up worms, her breathing was wheezy... More>>
Sweetpea was rescued on 13th January 2004 from Porthcurno, she was approximately 4 weeks old and weighed 12.5kg. When Sweetpea arrived at the sanctuary, she was very malnourished pup with wounds to rear flippers, there was also a lot of discharge... More>>
Dock was rescued on 16th of January 2004 from Porthleven, he was approximately 7 weeks old and weighed 18kg. When Dock arrived at the sanctuary, he had a very swollen rear left flipper with numerous puncture wounds, there were also many other... More>>
Clover was rescued on 23rd of January 2004 from Treyarnon Bay in Padstow, she was approximately 7 weeks old and weighed 16.5kg. When Clover arrived at the sanctuary, she was a malnourished pup with numerous deep puncture wounds to body and flippers... More>>
Thistle was rescued on 14th of January 2004 from Gwithian, she was approximately 5 weeks old and weighed 15kg. When Thistle arrived at the sanctuary, she was a malnourished pup with no major wounds... More>>
Monty is one of our much-travelled pups. He was originally rescued by the Torquay Wildlife Centre and he transferred to the Sanctuary in mid-January. Monty had several clinical problems: he was slightly malnourished with puncture wounds to all flippers; he was very lethargic... More>>
Larch was rescued on 22nd of January 2004 from Mullion Cove, he was approximately 4 weeks old and weighed 14kg. When Larch arrived at the sanctuary, he was malnourished with two large deep wounds to his right rear flipper also it was noticed that one of the digits on his rear... More>>
The Animal Care Team with the help of the Coast Guards and British Divers Marine Life Rescue, rescued Rush on the 14th of February 2004 from Godrevy on the north coast. We had originally heard about Rush on the 27th of January 2004 when he had been spotted on an inaccessible cove... More>>
On the 12th of June 2004 the animal care team took a call from a member of the public about a young grey seal badly entangled in fishing net hauled out at Godrevy. The animal had first been sighted some three weeks previously and Cornwall Seal Monitoring and Observation Group... More>>

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