Sanctuary Set For Sizzling Summer
The seals at the National Seal Sanctuary have been enjoying the sun a little bit too much this week, with the animal care team needing to put sun cream on them!

With the sun managing to shine through on to the gorgeous Helford estuary at the Sanctuary, it is perhaps everyone's last thought that the seals will need sun protection!

Seals and sea lions are normally covered with a layer of fur, but some of the seals at the Sanctuary are completely bald caused by under-active thyroid glands, making them vulnerable to the sun's dangerous rays.
Sanctuary Set For Sizzling Summer
"Luckily it hasn't been too hot this summer, but we are worried that as some have bare skin showing this might burn if the sun becomes too strong, so we have been putting sun cream on to prevent this" said Clare McGowan, senior animal care assistant at the Sanctuary.

Although the resident seals enjoy time with the animal care team, they don't seem to enjoy having the cream put on them and look very confused!

"We do get some funny looks from customers when they see us putting it on the seals until we explain it to them!" added Clare.

With temperatures forecasted for the week to be in their 20's, the seals may enjoy sunbathing on the sides of their pools, but won't have to suffer burnt skin!

"Its very strange to have the need to put sun cream on yourself and then a seal!" added Clare.

Its not only the seals that are enjoying the warm weather, the otters are given special treats too. The team are giving them special ice lollies, consisting of peanuts and mealworms.

"We also have an ice machine for our Arctic Hooded Seal, Sahara, that produces half a tonne of ice, which we are putting in to the enclosures and the seals love it! They roll around in it and chew it!" said Clare.

The Sanctuaries two newest residents, two male Patagonian sea lions from Benidorm, are finally getting a taste of the weather they are used to.

"Until now Noito and Diego have had to get used to English weather, so they seem to be really excited about the sunshine!" said Clare.

To see the animals enjoying summer, the Sanctuary is open from 10am daily.
Press Release issued by: The National Seal Sanctuary
For more details, please contact Laura Ward on 01326 221361
Date: 17th August 2009

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