The National Seal Sanctuary has rescued its first pup of the winter…a whole six weeks later than usual!

Sanctuary staff are thanking unseasonably calm weather for the fact that they have not been called into action sooner.

Now though they are busy tending to a youngster rescued from a rocky ledge at St Ives.


“We think the pup may have been abandoned because of human disturbance, but she was also very malnourished” said Clare McGowan, Animal Care Assistant

The pup, christened Mina, was given fluids on the beach and then taken back to the Sanctuary, where she was then given a thorough health check.

“She had no wounds, but was badly underweight and had already started to moult her coat” said Clare

The Seal Sanctuary has chosen Cornish names this year to celebrate its 50th year of seal rescue in Cornwall.

“This pup has been called ‘Malcolmina’, Mina for short, as she was rescued on the same day as Sanctuary's Site Foreman, Malcolm Dunn, who celebrated his 65th birthday.”

The Sanctuary relies on visitors throughout the year, to help fund its pup rescue work. If you do find a pup that you are concerned about then please call the Sanctuary on 01326 22136.

For more details, please contact Rachael Vine or Clare McGowan on 01326 221361

Press Release date: 16th October 2007

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