Otters Join In The Red Nose Revelry
Three Asian Short Clawed Otters joined in the Red Nose Day fun at the National Seal Sanctuary, by wearing cherry tomatoes on their snouts!

The Sanctuary's three resident otters were fed cherry tomatoes as a special treat, and amazed staff by appearing to pose with them 'red-nose' fashion.

"We love to make sure that all our animals here have different daily activities and knew that Thai and our newest otters Starsky and Hutch would be happy to join in our Red Nose Day efforts," said Tamara Cooper, head of the animal care team.
Otters Join In The Red Nose Revelry
"We didn't quite expect them to enter into the spirit to the extent of fashioning their own red noses though," she added.

The two brothers Starsky and Hutch arrived recently from Portsmouth to keep the current resident otter, Thai, company after her brother sadly passed away.

Staff were nervous about their initial meeting because otters are very territorial, and planned a gradual introduction over a period of a week.

"We were worried that Thai wouldn't like two males coming into the enclosure that has been her home for eight years, so we spent weeks creating a separate area joined to the outside of Thai's enclosure.

Contrary to their fears, however, Thai was so thrilled to see the new boys she managed to wreck the intervening barrier within an hour…and they've been playing happily together ever since.

The Sanctuary has been raising money for comic relief in different ways, such as donating 10p for every £1 red cotton shopper bag purchased from the gift shops.

As well as seals, the Sanctuary also provides a home for rescued ponies, goats, sheep and even a cat!

The two new otters can be seen at the Sanctuary, which is open to the public everyday of the year except Christmas day, from 10am.
Issued by The National Seal Sanctuary
For more information, please contact Laura Ward or Tamara Cooper on 01326 221361
Press Release date: 13th March 2009

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