Life’s No Ball for Cinders the Seal

There could be a fairytale ending after all for stranded seal pup Cinderalla...who almost died within 48 hours of her rescue from Gorran Haven.

Cinders, named in line with a cartoon-theme being employed for all new casualties this year at the National Seal Sanctuary, was found battered and bruised and struggling to breathe.

“She had multiple wounds to her body and flippers, probably from an encounter with an unfriendly adult,” said seal care worker Tamara Cooper.

“She was running a temperature, had a very runny nose and her breathing was very erratic.”

Also severely malnourished, Cinders was put in intensive care in the Sanctuary’s indoor hospital, but her condition deteriorated sharply during her first night’s stay, and staff feared the worst.

“With so little body fat to keep her warm her temperature plummeted, but we set up heat lamps and happily she started to recover,” said Tamara.

That was on Saturday night. Now...just a few days later, Cinders is feeding happily and in much better shape.

“She is one very lucky seal pup,” said Tamara. “Had her rescue come an hour later than it did, she might not have made it. Now she can look forward to joining other recuperating pups in an outdoor convalescence pool in about two weeks time.”

So...Cinders will go to the pool.

For more details, please contact Tamara Cooper or Rachael Vine on 01326 221361.

Press Release date: 6th March 2007

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