Top TV Show Visits Sanctuary
The hugely popular national BBC programme The One Show paid a visit to The National Seal Sanctuary this week.

A special feature to be broadcast in July follows a family holidaying in the West Country, and shadows them on their visit to Gweek.

"We conspired with the production team to lay on some special extras for the family," said animal care worker Dan Jarvis.

"They helped feed the seals, learned how a rescue is carried out and even got to visit a wild seal colony," he added.
Pictured from left to right: Dan Jarvis, Ben Hart and Miranda Krestovnikoff
One Show presenter Miranda Krestovnikoff provided the links, and was clearly as fascinated as the family by the Sanctuary's rescue work.

Grey seal pups that get separated from their mothers, or injured in stormy winter weather often end up at the Sanctuary receiving expert care until fit and strong enough to go back to sea.

It's a process that takes two or three months, and the Sanctuary is at its busiest at the height of the grey seal breeding season between October and February.

"We are always grateful for the opportunity to make more people aware of the work we do and the dangers that our native seals face," said Dan.

When The One Show feature airs in July an estimated six million viewers will get an insight into the activities of Britain's busiest seal rescue and rehabilitation facility.

Caption: Pictured from left to right: Dan Jarvis, Ben Hart and Miranda Krestovnikoff

Press Release issued by The National Seal Sanctuary
Date: 1st June 2009
For more information, please contact Laura Ward on 01326 221361

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