Thai, Asian Short-Clawed Otter
Thai, in the new enclosureThai (female) is an Asian short-clawed otter (aonyx cinerea), she was born on 30th of October 2001 at the Weymouth Sea Life Park in Dorset. Weaned at the tender age of two months, she was taught by her parents - Johnny and Mo - to swim and feed. Once Thai became fully independent at seven months, she was brought to her brand new enclosure here at Gweek. Bamboo, in our new enclosure
Thai arrived here on 31st of May 2002 with her brother Bamboo who has sadly recently passed away, it was the first time that they had been separated from their parents for any length of time. Naturally, they were a bit timid at first. Bamboo, in particular, was reluctant to leave his transport kennel, and needed gentle persuasion to come out.

Thai, however, quickly became extremely interested in her new surroundings, and within an hour or so she had explored every nook and cranny, and marked her territory with her scent. She is usually more active than her brother, and certainly more curious and intrepid! Initially, Thai would take food to the holt for Bamboo, but he has gained in confidence by the day, and now they find food for themselves.
Bamboo and Thai Thai and Bamboo were raised with little direct contact with humans because their parents were very protective.
Since being at the sanctuary, the Animal Care Team have spent a lot of time with them to gain their trust and make feeding and other routine husbandry less stressful for the otters and the Animal Care Team!
Target training the otters
To make essential daily health checks more enjoyable for the otters, the Animal Care Team have begun training.

The training involves getting the otters to touch a target pole with their nose whilst staying very still so that they can be thoroughly checked over, and usually the otters are only too happy to oblige as long as they get a nice tasty treat for their troubles!

In mid 2009, Thai was moved to a new home with the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust at Martin Mere in Lancashire.

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