Starsky, Asian Short-Clawed Otter

Starsky, Asian Short-Clawed Otter, was born on 23rd July 2005 at the Portsmouth Aquarium. Starsky along with his brother Hutch arrived at the sanctuary in January 2009.

Starsky is very active and enjoys climbing the mesh in the enclosure, but is afraid of coming back down again! He is often the first out of the holt in the morning looking for breakfast!

Starsky is very vocal and can be heard doing lots of squeaking. His´s favourite food is crayfish.

Click here to watch a video of Starsky juggling a stone.
The Cornish Seal Sanctuary received a request from the Birmingham Sea Life Sanctuary to help out with two of their lonely females that were looking for partners. As Starsky and Hutch are castrated these Otters seemed like the perfect male partners. On 5th November 2015 Starsky was transferred to Birmingham and introduced to Mango and all went to plan.

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