Buddy - Harbour (Common) Seal Pup
In 2013 mum "Sija" gave birth to "Bo", the first pup to be born at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary in over 15 years. Although a wonderful surprise, the sanctuary had no plans to breed.

At 37 years old, dad "Babyface" is one of the oldest common seals in captivity. Despite his age, Babyface could no longer be trusted, and Sija was prescribed contraceptives - a previously tried and tested method of preventing breeding with seals.
Sija's new pup
Sija's new pup Or so the Animal Care Team thought...

Since the beginning of June the team noticed Sija´s waistline becoming progressively bigger. With alarm bells ringing, Babyface and Bo were moved out to the temporary rehab pool just in time!

On Sunday 13th July 2014 the team arrived to find a beautiful healthy pup swimming around with mum and Aunty "Luna".
Both females are taking a role in bringing up the pup and it is getting bigger and more confidence by the day. As yet the Cornish Seal Sanctuary have not been able to confirm if the pup is male or female.

Babyface will remain in the bachelor pool with his son Bo for the remainder of the summer breeding sesssion before being reunited with the girls once safe to do so.

Click on the following link to read the press releases dated 23rd July 2014 and 1st August 2014.

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