Badger is a melanistic seal meaning pure black, not usual in Grey Seals. He was rescued from Porthellick in the Isles of Scilly after being separated from his mum on 5th November 2014...More>>
Flipper, a male grey seal, was the very last seal pup to be kept on as a permanent resident because it couldn´t be released out into the wild. Rescued in 1981, he had suffered some damage to the respiratory... More>>
Marlin, a male grey seal, was rescued from Sennen Cove on 29th of January 2002. He was very malnourished and was found with netting around his body. Luckily, the netting had caused no injuries so it was just a case of putting weight on him... More>>
Pumpkin, a male grey seal, was rescued in Guernsey by the GSPCA and was transferred to the seal sanctuary on the 18th November 2010... More>>
Ray, a male grey seal, was picked up from Widemouth Bay on the 12th of October 2001, approximately 3 weeks of age. He was fairly malnourished and found at the top end of the beach, as far away from the water as possible... More>>
Yulelogs, a male grey seal, was originally rescued, as a pup in 1989, by a marine park in the North of England. For unknown reasons they decided to keep him on in their Grey Seal exhibit. Unfortunately, four years later, they closed the exhibit... More>>

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