Penguins, the new feature for 2010
Gilbert Gilbert, a male Humboldt penguin, was born at Weymouth SEA LIFE Centre on 7th July 2009. He arrived at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary with his brother Piran on 30th March 2010. Gilbert has the nickname of "Greedy Gilbert" as he eats the most fish out of all the penguins. Gilbert also likes to interact with the visitors and staff, and in the mornings will follow the sponge over the glass when we clean the windows.

Gilbert´s right wing band colour is green.
The other resident penguins:- Ivy (black band), Piran (pink band),
Pine (purple band), Lola (blue band), Yoni (yellow band) & Waddles (orange band)

Each penguin has a different coloured tag to be able to tell them apart.
Male penguins have a coloured band on their right wing and females on their left wing.

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