Jenny Agutter was happy to sign autographs Jenny Agutter launched the official opening of the Cornish Seal Sanctuary´s new Otter enclosure on 25th July 2002.

A keen animal lover, Jenny opened "Otter Creek", a facility that highlights the conservation work being undertaken by local environmental groups.
Jenny Agutter looks into the new Otter enclosure
"Jenny has visited the Sanctuary on many occasions", said manager Judy Williams, "and has always been very interested in the work we do here".
Thai, in the new enclosure Bamboo and Thai are the names of the latest new residents at the sanctuary. They are Asian Short Clawed Otters, and their new pool opened to visitors at Whitsun 2002.

Their new home is built in the Nature Trail, converting what was once a Duck pond into a wonderful play area and natural environment for the Otters.
Bamboo, in our new enclosure
Some of our visitors watch Bamboo and ThaiIt has a waterfall and lodge where they can rest and play, for the visitors there is an underwater viewing enclosure so that they can admire both the speed and gracefulness of these beautiful creatures.

Asian Short Claws originate from Southern Asia and Indonesia, where they inhabit the paddy fields.
Glenn, hides food for the Otters to hunt
The pair of Asian Short Clawed Otters are ideally suited to life in the public gaze, perfect ambassadors for the conservation cause of otters in the wild, including the dwindling native species, the European Otter.