News Update for September 2008

Lilly and Lora, our Resident Common Seals

Lily is progressing well with her training and is now more than happy to come out of the water and to be fed by hand. She also allows staff to touch her and stand over her all be it on her terms. Lora has been watching Lily and has now slowly started to come out of the water to be hand fed but she is still very nervous so will try to snatch at the fish. Hopefully her confidence will grow and she will feed by hand no problem.
Fingal Fingal, our Resident North American Otter

Fingal has taken to his training no problem he is now target trained and we have start on the next stage which is to hopefully getting him cage trained. The team have managed to get him in the cage, its keeping him in that's the problem!

Rescued Seal Pups for 2008/9

All four of our rescued common seal pups are progressing well through the stages of rehabilitation. They have all now gained large amounts of weight and are feeding well.
Joanna Mary and Flora are now ready for the weaning pool as they are taking whole herring with no problems.

Both Joanna (left) and Thomas (right) are taking herring well, however, they are still at the stage where fingers taste better than fish.
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