News Update for October 2008

Rescued Seal Pups for 2008/9

All four of our rescued common seal pups are progressing well through the stages of rehabilitation. They have all now gained large amounts of weight and are feeding well.
Mary is now in the weaning pool area with her new best friend Flora. She is still taking fish by hand for some feeds but for others, the fish are being thrown into the pool for her. This is to encourage Mary to take fish by herself before being moved outside. Mary is the shyest of the pair and often hides under the ramp when people are around.Mary
Flora Flora accompanies her new best friend Mary to the weaning pool area. She is also taking fish by hand and in the water. Flora is often seen pacing up and down pool at high speeds and loves splashing around the place.
Thomas is now taking whole herring and is becoming easier to feed. He is opening his mouth in anticipation but still doesn't quite know how much he has to open it by! Once he is taking fish by hand Thomas can be moved to the weaning pool. Thomas
JoannaJoanna is now taking whole herring but still enjoys biting down on fingers. She knows to open her mouth but hasn't learned to KEEP it open. Once she is taking fish by hand she can be moved to the weaning pool with Thomas.
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This photo of Fingal was sent in by Jemma Lambert

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