Mini News Update for July 2008

PC Plum - Released

PC Plum was released on the 2nd July 2008 with the help of a colleague from the Loch Lomond Aquarium, Mark Hind. At the time of his release, a group of about 5 seals could be seen swimming around and PC Plum, after some initial investigating, went swimming off to meet them. We all hope the great outdoors is treating PC Plum well.
PC Plum being released back into the wild by Mark Hind

Brock has been receiving treatment in the weaning pool. He was not a happy chap when he went in there and Ann Jamieson, Entertainments Staff, said "If a seal could be in a huff and pout that is what Brock would be doing." Thankfully he is getting better and should be back outside soon, fingers crossed.
2008/9 Rescued Seal Pups

All the newly rescued pups are doing well and love playing in the water from their showers! They are slowly being weaned onto small bits of fish now, some taking to it better than others!
Birthday Alert!!!

Lorne and Lora will both be celebrating their birthdays in July and with it being Lora's first birthday, it is time to make a real fuss over them. With the sad loss of Gigha in September 2007 it has been a tough year for them so they deserve some pampering. On the 26th and 27th July 2008 there will be some celebrations going on at The Scottish SEA LIFE Sanctuary. Anyone that brings a birthday card for Lorne and Lora over the weekend will get free entry to the site for the day.
Lorne (right) and Lora (left)
New Arrival

At the party, this is also a prime chance for everyone to meet our new resident, Lilly, who arrived on 7th July 2008 and is still getting used to her new surroundings. Click here to read Lilly's press release.
Our latest leaflet for this year is now available to download from the visitor's information page.
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