News Update for May 2008

Our Residents

Lorne is really enjoying the hot weather and having the extra space in the pools now that many of our 2007 pups have been released back into the wild. Our animal care team continue with his husbandry training which is designed to help us give him regular medical checks. However, Lorne has a very stubborn attitude and it has become an on-going battle with him winning the majority of the time.

Lora also loves the extra room now most of her playmates have been released. The animal care team have been continuing Lora's training but it is a very slow process as all she wants to do is eat and play. She has been picking up some bad habits from her dad such as stealing fish.

Fingal is still enjoying having lots of room to himself and is now interacting with the animal care team even more. At the moment Fingal is not too happy with the animal care team as they have had to carry out routine maintenance in his enclosure with one of his pools temporally having to be drained.

Rescued pups for 2007/8

PC Plum is really enjoying all the room outside and has gained lots of weight so will hopefully be ready for release soon. His current weight is 34kg.
Brock has now been moved outside to the large seal pools, this happened on the 27th May 2008. He is really enjoying the room and being to able to interact with the other seals. His flipper tag number is 112 (yellow) and current weight is 20.5kg.
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