News Update for March /April 2008

Resident Seals

Lorne is still showing the pups who is boss and making sure he gets his fair share of fish. Unfortunately whilst the pups are still here at the sanctuary we are unable to progress with his husbandry training because we don't want our rescued pups getting trained as well (we want to avoid them getting to friendly with the staff as this may hinder them when they are released into the wild). He still has his grumpy attitude though, splashing and growling at us if he doesn't think he is getting his fair share of fish.
Lora is still having the time of her life with all of her play mates. She has been seen many times racing around the pool and also jumping in and out of the water trying to make a big splash like her dad. Training has also stopped with Lora due to the large number of pups we have at this current time, hopefully though the pups will be released soon back into the wild and we can get training back on track.Feeding time
Fingal, Our Resident Otter Resident Otter

Fingal is still being watched very closely following the death of Sula, however, he is not showing any abnormal behaviour as a result of being on his own. He has become very playful with all of our staff and likes to run around the enclosure after who ever is feeding him. The search for Fingal's new mate continues.
Rescued Common Seal Pups

Ellen (right) is outside in our seal pools and is doing well. She currently weighs 25kg and her flipper tag number (yellow) is 27. Jelena is still competing well in the outside pools. She currently weighs 26kg and her flipper tag number (yellow) is 26.

The release weight for Common Seals is between 30-35kg.
Ellen, rescued seal pup
Rescued Grey Seal Pups

Spencer is having no trouble at all in the outside pools, he always gets his fair share of fish and sometimes steals other seals share as well. His current weight is 40kg and flipper tag number (yellow) is 108.

Penny is doing very well in our outside pools and is now trying to steal fish from any seal that is around her at feeding times, her current weight is 25kg and flipper tag number (yellow) is 106.
Archie, rescued seal pup Archie left the inside weaning pool after he reached his target weight of 20kg. He is now in the outside pools with the rest of the pups and he is one of our most competitive fish takers. His current weight is 26kg and flipper tag number (yellow) is 107.
Knobby has been moved from our isolation area where his worming treatment was completed successfully. He got moved into the weaning pool where he made quick progress. He is now outside in the main pools with all the other pups, his current weight is 28kg and flipper tag number (yellow) is 111. Knobby, rescued seal pup
PC Plum is still in the weaning pool. The good news is that he is now taking fish for himself and loving it at that!! His current weight is 17.2kg so hopefully he will be joining all the other pups outside really soon. His flipper tag number (yellow) is 110.

The release weight for Grey Seals is 40kg.
Our latest leaflet for this year is now available to download from the visitor's information page.

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