News Update for August 2008

Fingal Fingal, Our Resident North American Otter

Fingal is very active and becoming even more cheeky. He has started a new training programme which he has taken too very well and is enjoying learning new ideas and really enjoys his fish rewards.

Rescued Seal Pups for 2008/9

Thomas, a common seal pup, was found on Donna Isle near Lochchgilphead. His approximate age on arrival was between 5-7 days old. He was brought to us by the SSPCA after he had been seen on his own for a few days on 13th August 2008. Unfortunately mothers can abandon their pups for many reasons and after monitoring Thomas for a while it was clear his mother wasn't going to return. Although he was very skinny on arrival, his overall general body condition was generally good and he is very lively.

Joanna, a common seal pup, was found on the Point of Lismore. Her approximate age on arrival at the sanctuary was roughly 2 weeks old. She was brought to us on 15th August 2008 by a man from Appin after she had been seen on the Lismore slipway where some children had been seen throwing stones at her. The decision was made to bring her into the sanctuary for safety and rehabilitation. Although she has several wounds across her body, these are healing well and she is becoming more lively with every day.

Both Mary and Flora, our rescued seal pups, are doing well and putting weight on nicely.
Lilly and Lora, our Resident Common Seals

Lora has taken to having a new friend in the pools very well and it has been said that they are both like two naughty kids trying to cause trouble. Lilly (right) has settled well into life at the sanctuary and has taken to training very successfully and has also begun to slowly get close to the animal care team.
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