News Update for April 2008

Rescued Seal Pups

Brock, a grey seal pup, was found on the beach in the Isle of Tiree on 8th April 2008 by a local fisherman who noticed that he was looking a bit worse for wear. He is very small for his age and was so hungry that he willingly took fish from a human. We suspect that since leaving his mother Brock has struggled to hunt and catch fish for himself and is now so exhausted that he needs our help. He does not appear to have any visible injuries although is very skinny. On arrival he was put straight onto fish and he is taking them well. Brock was approximately 5 weeks old and weighed 16 kg. Soon he will be able to go for little swims in the weaning pool and once he has built up his weight and his stamina he will be able to go outside and then eventually be released back into the wild.

PC Plum has been moved outside to complete his rehabilitation. As he has put on a lot of weight over the past few months, he should be getting released back into the wild soon, once he has got used to being outside.

Penny, Archie, Spencer and Knobby were released back into the wild on the 29th of April 2008. Greys being greys didn’t take long to get the message and disappear into the great beyond.

Jelena and Ellen were released back into the wild on the 30th of April 2008. These two little girls were quite reluctant to go but soon got the idea!
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