Ken Jones Opened New Seal Pool in 2003

The National Seal Sanctuary´s newest residents were moved to their new home on 19th August 2003.

Flotsam and Jetsam, two young Common Seals, came to the Sanctuary at Easter from the North Sea Museum at Hirtshals Denmark.

Photo right by Chris Berry of Cornish Interactive Media
Ken opens new pool - Photo by Chris Berry of Cornish Interactive Media
The new larger pool has been completely refurbished. Naturally themed with full size acrylic windows, the seals will be closer than ever to the public.

Ken Jones, Founder, opened the new pool. Ken and his wife Mary started the Sanctuary over 40 years ago at St Agnes, on the north coast of Cornwall before moving to Gweek in 1975. The pool was dedicated to the memory of Mary Jones, who died recently. "She was the backbone behind the work of saving seals" said Ken.

Click here to learn more about how Ken and Mary began with a pup found on the beach.

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