Sealsanctuary Graphic

Please Read:   We started as volunteers helping out at The Cornish Seal Sanctuary in 1990, we decided to build in 1998 to highlight the work of the Sanctuary online and became their official website, during the next few years we became the official website for two more rescue centres, Oban and Hunstanton, and have worked hard to support them over the years.

We pride ourselves on keeping all three websites updated where we can and have taken thousands of photos over the years, the best of which we have put on the website.

In April 2012 we were informed by the Senior General Manager (Midway & Eire) of the rescue centres at Merlin Entertainments that we could no longer be the official website and must remove all copyright logos and make it clear that we are not part of the large Merlin Entertainments group. We have always had a simple aim - to promote seal rescue and the rescue centres, but it seems that is not what is wanted anymore.

We would like to thank all the people who have visited our website and hope you will continue to do so, we have been told that for the time being we will still be given short updates about each Sanctuary, including rescues, we still hope to be allowed to work with them to promote their work and also help generate more interest in seal rescue, rehabilitation and release.