Wet Wet Wet was rescued on 10th December 2018
This young male seal pup has been named after the amazing 80´s band Wet Wet Wet.

He was rescued by Natalie, a member of the Animal Care Team, from the beach at Kynance Cove. Weighed 22.5kgs. Found to be bright and fiesty with a respiratory infection. Also high temperature and superficial wounds.

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Wet Wet Wet
Wet Wet Wet Update - 28th December 2018 : Wet Wet Wet is in his final stage of rehabilitation and will be returned to the wild in the next month or so.

Click here to see a larger version of this photo taken on 30th December 2018 in the convalescent pool.

Wet Wet Wet´s flipper tag ID number is 337 (red).

You can help support the work of The Cornish Seal Sanctuary as they care for this and other Rescued Seal Pups by joining the Adoption Scheme.   Click here for more information.

Each Adoption makes a valuable contribution to the seal rescue programme, allowing the Sanctuary to provide continuing care for those seals and other marine mammals around our coasts that need our help and to look after those that are unable to be released back into the wild.