No treats this Halloween for Apricot the Otter!

Today the Sanctuary and their resident animals celebrated Halloween with some freaky fish treats, but Apricot the Otter had to celebrate with something a little bit different this year.

Apricot is an Asian short-clawed Otter and has lived at the Sanctuary with her partner Harris for the past two years. The animal care team became concerned as Apricot wasn´t her usual self and had completely gone off her food. After a trip to Head & Head vets, it was confirmed that Apricot needed to have 4 teeth removed.
No treats this Halloween for Apricot the Otter!
No treats this Halloween for Apricot the Otter! After having the procedure, she was given a long lasting antibiotic and has recovered really well, but has been put on a strict diet and has to have her food blended so it´s nice and easy for her to eat whilst she heals.

With it being Halloween and the Sanctuaries resident grey seals receiving a spooky Halloween themed ice fish cake, the team decided to find a way to give the Otters a treat so they could join in on the Halloween fun.
The team carved a pumpkin and filled it with hay, blended beef and blended fish. Apricot and Harris loved their Pumpkin surprise, it didn't take them long to find the hidden food treats!

Natalie Dyer, animal care team member and head of enrichment for the Sanctuary said "It´s so much fun experimenting with different enrichment ideas for our residents, making fish ice-cakes has become my forte!"
No treats this Halloween for Apricot the Otter!
No treats this Halloween for Apricot the Otter! "With Apricot feeling under the weather, we wanted to make sure she wasn´t left out of the fun and we´re all really pleased she managed to have a little Halloween treat too!"
The team use enrichment like this in their everyday work with the resident animals at the sanctuary. Enrichment and training is how the Sanctuary keeps all of their residents happy and busy throughout the day. This training is tailored to an individual creatures needs. This is not only great for the animals; it also helps the team look after them as it allows them to carry out the regular daily checks required.

It´s safe to say, the Sanctuary celebrated Halloween in style and the residents all had an extra exciting treat to join in with the celebrations!
No treats this Halloween for Apricot the Otter!

Press Release issued by the Cornish Seal Sanctuary
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Issue Date: 31st October 2017