Last of seal pups from winter rescue released back to wild

They have only been together since May 19th...but it is already time for Megan to let Harry go!

Fans of the royals can relax, however, for the Megan in this case is junior animal care worker Megan Gunnell from the Cornish Seal Sanctuary, and Harry is the seal pup rescued on the day of the Royal Wedding.

Photos (right) credit : Jen Dykwer-Newsome - BDMLR
Photos by Jen Dykwer-Newsome - BDMLR
Megan holding the nylon netting Found with nylon netting wrapped round his neck and body, "Harry" was the obvious name for this young fighter rescued on Cornwall´s north coast while most of the country was engrossed in coverage of the ceremony at Windsor Castle.

Harry was originally sighted by Cornwall Seal Group Research Trust from a clifftop 45 meters away. British Divers Marine Life Rescue were contacted straight away and following a successful rescue, Harry was rushed to the Vet where Paul Riley removed the netting and administered treatment to the deep cuts and wounds caused by the nylon filament.
Harry was then taken to the Cornish Seal Sanctuary where he was cared for around the clock by Megan and the team who tended to his wounds.

He was one of a record-smashing 82 pups taken in by the Sanctuary, as a result of horrific storms that have battered the Cornish coast over the winter months. Harry was successfully released today at Porthtowan Beach making a full recovery; although the scars will stay with him for life.
Rescued Pups in the convalescent pool
Harry released back to the wild "Harry has been a real character and we´ll miss him," said Megan. "He is quite loud and greedy, loves chasing the seagulls who try to steal his food."

"We are so pleased that Harry has made a full recovery."
The busiest rescue season in the Sanctuary´s 60-year history saw some astonishing statistics recorded. Megan and her colleagues clocked up an incredible 10,494 hours looking after the 38 female and 44 male casualties and feeding them 13 tons or £16,250 worth of fish.

Just checking their weight required no fewer than 1,066 sessions with the scales.

There were 86 vet visits adding up to 127.5 hours and pups received a total of 11,844 fitness-building vitamin tablets and the care team got through 16,000 pairs of disposable surgical gloves.
Seal Hospital
Staff training the resident seals The hard work never stops and now the rescued pups have been released back into their natural environment, the team will continue to work with all the resident animals at the Sanctuary to provide the best care and training.
This summer, Cornish Seal Sanctuary is celebrating 60 years of seal rescue, putting on a special tour for the guests to "swim through" the history and learn all about the Sanctuary´s origins from the very beginning in 1958 to the record year of seal rescue today.

The Sanctuary relies on the support of visitors to continue the vital rehabilitation work every year and would like everyone to come along and celebrate this special year with them.
The Cornish Seal Sanctuary celebrates 60 years of rescues

Press Release issued by the Cornish Seal Sanctuary
For more details, please contact Georgina Shannon on 01326 221361
Issue Date: 28th June 2018

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Seal Release - 28th June 2018 Seal Release - 28th June 2018 Seal Release - 28th June 2018 Seal Release - 28th June 2018
Seal Release - 28th June 2018 Seal Release - 28th June 2018 Seal Release - 28th June 2018 Seal Release - 28th June 2018