Poorly Seal Pups treated to some festive cheer

Nothing soothes a sickly seal pup like a spot of classical music...the Cornish Seal Sanctuary has discovered.

The Sanctuary´s animal care team has been flat out caring for 40 rescued pups so far this winter, and has found that playing classical tunes helps relax the patients and make them more cooperative.
Poorly seal pups treated to some festive cheer
Poorly seal pups treated to some festive cheer The strategy has been such a success in fact, that the Sanctuary decided to serve up its casualties a festive treat of classical flute playing from professional flautist Claire Rowe this morning.

Claire performed to her whiskered and blubbery audience a mixture of classical melodies and traditional Christmas tunes.
"It was certainly one of the strangest bookings I´ve ever received," said Claire, a former wind orchestra member and now private music tutor who has been a flautist most of her life.

"It was a wonderful experience, and they really did seem to calm down as I played!"

Curator Tamara Cooper decided to trial the music after a project carried out by research student Mati Skerrett over the summer yielded strong evidence that the resident sea lions also enjoy a tune or two.
Poorly seal pups treated to some festive cheer
No treats this Halloween for Apricot the Otter! Tamara Cooper said "It was fantastic to have Claire perform in the hospital and down at the convalescence pool, the seals certainly enjoyed it. "

"We will be getting some speakers set up on site so we can play all our residents classical music in the mornings as we know they find it relaxing!"

Safe to say it was the perfect Christmas treat for the residents and the rescued seal pups.

Press Release issued by the Cornish Seal Sanctuary
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Issue Date: 20th December 2017