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Hunstanton Sea Life celebrates the arrival of first ever baby penguin!

The yet to be officially named tiny waddler was born to parents Humboldt penguins Charlie and Jerome on Wednesday 3rd May 2017.

Staff won´t know if the baby penguin, which weighed just 92 grams when it was born, is a boy or a girl until its 3 months old. The sex of the baby Humboldt penguin will be determined by means of a DNA test but we have to wait 10 weeks before such a test can be carried out.

For now, the baby penguin has been given several nicknames and the team hope the public can help once we know the penguins gender. Two popular suggestion amongst the team are "Fluffy McFluffyface" & baby "Pip", which could be changed to Pippa if the penguin is a girl, in honour of Pippa Middleton´s marriage to James Matthews this weekend. Click here to read more.

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