John Deacon was rescued on 27th November 2018
John Deacon, 4 weeks old male seal pup, was rescued on 27th November 2018 from Sennen Cove by members of the British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) Medics.

This pup was found malnourished with some superficial wounds.

Photo Credit - Asa Samuel
John Deacon - Photo Credit: Asa Samuel

John Deacon Update - 29th December 2018 : John Deacon is now in the outside pools for his final stage of rehabilitation before he is returned to the wild in the coming months.

This photo left and a further photo were taken on 29th December 2018.

John Deacon´s flipper tag ID number is 328 (red).
Update - 21st March 2019 : John Deacon is currently in the convalescent pool and will be returned to the wild soon.

Click here to see a large version of this photo taken on 19th March 2019.
John Deacon
Seal Release - 2nd April 2019 Update - 3rd April 2019 : John Deacon was released back into the wild on 2nd April 2019 at Dollar Cove along with Cabbage Patch Kid, Dip Dab, Perm and Prince.