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Issue 136
September 2017


The rescue season for 2017/18 started with an influx of seal pups. A female grey seal pup christened "Morwenna" became the first casualty of the 2017/18 rescue season. The Animal Care Team took inspiration from the historical BBC drama "Poldark" for this year´s rescued pups names. And once the team met the new arrivals, they had a pretty good idea which name belonged to which pup.

Luckily the extra pens in the hospital helped with the care and rehabilitation of the seven seals that arrived this month.
Morwenna was rescued on 2nd September 2017.
Drake was rescued on 7th September 2017.
Jane was rescued on 13th September 2017.
Jane - Credit Photo by the finders : Paula and Jumpy
Alfred was rescued on 16th September 2017.
Agatha was rescued on 21st September 2017.
Photo Credit of Agatha - CSGRT and BDMLR
Prudie was rescued on 4th September 2017.
Prudie - Photo by BDMLR
Elizabeth (Kitty) was rescued on 10th September 2017.
Rosie was rescued on 16th September 2017.
Jewell was rescued on 17th September 2017.
Photo Credit of Jewell - BDMLR
Photo Credits: A Special Thanks to the British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) and Cornwall Seal Group Research Group (CSGRT) for the photos of Morwenna, Prudie, Jewell, Agatha, Rosie and Elizabeth (Kitty).

Also to Paula and Jumpy for the photo of Jane in the cave.

Adopt a Seal Pup
A special way to honour a birthday, special occasion or to commemorate the life of a loved one or even that last minute Christmas present, while supporting an important cause. Please click here or call 01326 221361 for more details.

If you find a Seal in the Wild
For 60 years the Sanctuary has been rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing those pups from our local coastline that find themselves in trouble, whether it be eye problems, respiratory infections and malnourishment to broken bones, pollution-related problems and being separated from their mother too soon.
Just like to remind you that if you discover a seal pup that is in distress or alone, please call the Seal Sanctuary on 01326 221361 and/or the British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) team on 01825 765546.

DO keep your distance;
DON´T attempt to handle the pup;
DON´T attempt to put the pup in the sea;
DON´T ignore the situation;
DO tell the appropriate organisation.
Pup on beach being rescued from the beach at St Ives Bay
If you have seen a seal disturbed in to the sea as a result of human activity or a dead seal, please call the Cornwall Wildlife Trust´s marine hotline: 0345 201 26 26.

Seal "injured" in boat accident
Last month we told you about an adult seal being injured in St Ives harbour.

Cornwall Seal Group Research Group (CSGRT), British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) and The Cornish Seal Sanctuary had put out a public appeal for photos of seals in St Ives harbour to investigate the aftermath of the accident and to find out the fate of Box Desks, Thought to be heavily pregnant when injured, everyone feared the worst.

Sue Sayer of the CSGRT said "We were beginning to fear the worst" continued Sue, "When on 15th September 2017, another set of photos arrived in my inbox from a holiday maker Julie Meaden.

Julie had photographed two seals in the harbour on 7th September 2017 with her phone, so it took us a few days to get solid confirmation of the date stamp on the photos. Click here to read more about this great news.

For more information about this seal, please email Sue via

Photo below by Julie Meaden
Box Desks - Photo by Julie Meaden
Post Monitoring
of Seals
With each update we will name any tagged seals spotted in the wild by members of the Cornwall Seal Group Research Trust (CSGRT) around the coast of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly:-
Snowdrop on 11th September 2017, Petunia and Rocket Dog on 18th September 2017, Pebbles on 21st September 2017, Riley on 25th September 2017, Beast and Ollivander on 28th September 2017.
This information regarding tagged seals seen in the wild is copyright of the CSGRT.

An Urgent Appeal for Towels
If anyone has any spare towels they don´t want, please drop them into the reception at the Sanctuary, the Animal Care Team are desperate for these, as the stock of towels are running very low.

The Animal Care Team use 4 towels per seal a day so if you have any old towels you don´tt want, please drop them in.

Why do the Animal Care Team ask for towels?

These are used during the rescue process, first to distract the seal and then to cover its head and body. Once the seal´s head is covered they tend to calm down.

Towels are also used during the rehabilitation process, again for handling the seal and also to keep the pen dry and warm during the early part of the treatment.

Buy your Discount Entry Tickets in Advance
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Plus you can also purchase SEA LIFE Annual Passes and Merlin Annual Passes.

When you click here or on the button right, it will take you through to Merlin Entertainments´ Official Cornish Seal Sanctuary website for the Best Price Guarantee.
A Frequent Question: I´m on holiday in the area and can´t print my tickets

Answer: Although it is preferable and quicker if the front of house staff have a printed copy of your ticket, you can still book your tickets online in advance and make savings if you bring along the booking reference number (or can show the email confirmation on a mobile device) and some ID that matches the booking name. The Front of House Staff can then check the records and allow entry from there.

This news update has been put together by volunteers/supporters of the Cornish Seal Sanctuary.

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