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Issue 127
23rd February 2017


It is with great sadness that the Cornish Seal Sanctuary have announced the sudden passing of their beloved male grey seal Flipper.

Flipper had been part of the Sanctuary family since 1981 when he was rescued as a pup from the Cornish coast suffering from respiratory difficulties thought to be caused from inhaling pollutant out at sea. The damaged caused had been permanent and meant Flipper was not able to be released back to the wild.
Flipper At 36 years old, Flipper was the oldest male Grey seal at the Seal Sanctuary and shared his pool with best friend Yulelog as well as youngsters Marlin and Pumpkin. The team affectionately called them the "Boys".

Flipper was one of the first seals at the Sanctuary to undergo cataract surgery in 2014. The operation was a huge success and the team wept as they saw the realisation on Flipper´s face that he could see again for the first time in years.
However, true to Flipper´s character, he was soon using this to his advantage during pool cleaning by playing his long-forgotten trick of rolling around the bottom of the pool at speed sending all the team flying - this time with much more accuracy! Flipper
Flipper and Yulelog In Flipper´s last 3 months the team had noticed his breathing has worsened resulting in him being prescribed long-term treatment to ease his breathing. The team were delighted to see Flipper´s health improve greatly but just 10 days ago Flipper began refusing to feed.

The vet was once again called and treatment prescribed but Flipper still refused to feed. Just a few hours after a routine veterinary check on 23rd February 2017 Flipper suddenly passed away in his pool alongside his best friend Yulelog.
A full post mortem will be carried out to find out the exact cause of Flipper´s illness and passing.

It is difficult to imagine the Sanctuary family without Flipper at the heart - he in some way affected everyone who worked alongside him and who came to visit him.
Flipper He will be sorely missed for his cheeky sense of humour - pool cleaning will not be the same without you Flipper! - and his gentle and forgiving nature.

Flipper was the first love of so many of the Animal Care Team who over the years were lucky to work alongside this one in a million seal.

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