Geoffrey was rescued on 7th October 2017
Geoffrey, 3-4 weeks old male grey seal pup, was rescued on 7th October 2017 from St Ives Bay. He was found with a very swollen left side of his face.

His mother looked after him well as he weighed 29kg! (the biggest the Animal Care Team have in at the moment!)

Update - 22nd October 2017 : Geoffrey is currently on treatment for the infection and the team are working hard to make him feel better.
Update - 30th October 2017 : Geoffrey is feeding for himself and was moved down to the outside nursery pools on the 23rd of October 2017. He is enjoying sharing the nursery pool with Jinny and Verity.

Geoffrey is improving and needs to compete for fish well before being moved to the convalescent pool.
Geoffrey Update - 1st January 2018 : Geoffrey is currently in the convalescent pool for his final stage of rehabilitation before he is released back into the wild in the month or so.

Geoffrey´s flipper ID tag number is 314 (green).

Click here to see a larger version of this photo was taken on 27th December 2017.