Demelza was rescued on 7th October 2017
Demelza, 1½ weeks old female white coat seal pup, was rescued on 7th October 2017 from a beach in St Ives Bay by Dan and Kevin, members of the British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) team.

This pup had lots of wounds to her body and back flippers.

The pup was transported by the BDMLR to the Cornish Seal Sanctuary for care and rehabilitation.
Demelza Click here to see a selection of photos of when Demelza arrived at the seal hospital.

Update - 22nd October 2017 : Demelza is currently on treatment for really bad wounds to her rear flippers. She was introduced to fish on 19th October 2017 and enjoyed it! She is still relying on the team to feed her and currently in the isolation unit of the hospital.
Update - 30th October 2017 : Demelza has been moved into the outside nursery pool 4 with Dwight who is enjoying being bossed around! Demelza is eating well and will gain weight before moving to the convalescent pool for her final stage of rehabilitation.
Update - 1st January 2018 : Demelza is currently in the convalescent pool for her final stage of rehabilitation before she is released back into the wild in the next month or so.

Demelza´s flipper ID tag number is 313 (green).

Click here to see a larger version of this photo was taken on 30th December 2017.

Update - 10th January 2018 : Demelza along with Agatha, Verity, Captain, Jinny and Grace were released back to the wild on 7th January 2018 at Gunwalloe.